[texhax] description of text in {\tt }

Barbara Beeton bnb at ams.org
Mon Jan 26 23:12:46 CET 2009

hello, paul,

    What does the text in {\tt } look like? Is it fixed width? The 
    definition just says "typewriter typeface".

yes, {\tt } is a fixed-width font, typically used
for things like typing instructions or url's or
file names.

    BTW, the reason I'm asking the list is because I'm blind and the end 
    result of a latex compilation i.e. dvi or pdf isn't very accessible. 
    So I can't get the information via my screen reader.

can you tell us, please, what kinds of documentation
would you find helpful?  quite a few readers of this
list are responsible for documentation, and maybe we
(and others in turn) can benefit from your point of view.
							-- bb

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