[texhax] usage of LIG/> in virtual fonts

Murthy Devarakonda murthyds at avyaajamu.net
Sun Jan 25 15:52:59 CET 2009

I am new to this group. I need clarity on the semantics of '>' in the
LIGTABLE of virtual fonts. I could not find a clear explanation in any
document so far. I am trying to render some Asian fonts using this feature,
but I am stuck here. The documents says "the > signs
specify passing over the result without further ligature processing". 
I assume that the ligature replacements are made while processing a 
sequence from left to right. And this is done repeatedly until there are
no replacements to be made. Is this correct? 
If so, can someone explain  with an example how exactly this is done?
many thanks for any help,

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