[texhax] parenthesis problem in LaTeX

Tom Schneider toms at ncifcrf.gov
Sat Jan 17 00:24:32 CET 2009


> I think Reinhard meant
> \left( ... part A ring ... \middle)
> \middle( ... part B silent ... \right)
> This will make all the brackets of the same height. However, from what I 
> remember (and I may be wrong here), \middle does not change the spacing at 
> all, so you may need to add spaces before \middle) and after 
> \middle(.

H =
P_{\mbox{ring}}   \times \left( -\log_2 ( P_{\mbox{ring}})   \middle)
P_{\mbox{rinc}}   \times \middle( -\log_2 ( P_{\mbox{rinc}})   \right)

Yup, that worked!!

An explicit example is always useful to have, it's one of the serious
problems with LaTeX that such working examples aren't always there so
one is left guessing.



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