[texhax] ispell

Gordon Talge gtalge at silcon.com
Wed Jan 14 06:12:28 CET 2009


I got caught having to use an older version of TeXLive on a MS-Windows XP

TeXLive 2003. Everything works as it is suppose to
except ispell.

When I run ispell in the dos command windows on a TeX file it does work, but
I get all kinds of maybe
formating things that remind me of that thing in dos
for color ansis.sys or something like that.

When I run it in WinShell 2.2.1 it doesn't work or react
at all. It is like I didn't even run a file.

All the other stuff, dvipdfm, tex, and so on work.

I know that this is old old news, but I was wondering
if there is a quick fix.

I have been using TeX on Debian GNU/Linux and this
is my first real experience with it on Windows XP.


-- Gordon Talge
    Loma Linda, CA

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