[texhax] parenthesis problem in LaTeX

Tom Schneider toms at ncifcrf.gov
Wed Jan 14 05:04:04 CET 2009


> You were the sharp one to diagnose the problem as the descending "g".
> That was the hard bit.

Thanks.  Unfortunately it took a while, but it was part of the
principle to boil the problem down so that others (or I!) could figure
it out!  Basically, http://www.ccrnp.ncifcrf.gov/~toms/bugs.html  :-)

> To fix, just add something that doesn't print but
> takes up the same vertical dimension, namely a \vphantom{g}:
> \begin{equation}
> H =
> P_{\mbox{ring}}   \times \left( -\log_2 ( P_{\mbox{ring}})   \right)
> +
> P_{\mbox{silent}} \times \left( -\log_2 ( P_{\mbox{silent\vphantom{g}}})
> \right)
> \end{equation}
> This worked fine when I tested it.
> I use phantoms all the time - be they \vphantoms, \hphantoms, or full
> \phantoms.


I was pretty sure there was a way to do it but haven't used phantoms

THANKS much for this clean solution!


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