[texhax] changing chapter (+ code)

Uwe Lueck uwe.lueck at web.de
Sat Jan 10 02:01:42 CET 2009

"Christian Deindl" <deindl at soziologie.uzh.ch> schrieb am 09.01.2009 14:37:59:
> I'm about to finish a report and I want to change the positon of the 
> chapter-headlines. the default is a large gap between the page and the 
> headline while I want the headline to start without this gap.
> secondly I want to suppress a pagenumer on the first page of each chapter.

Copy this into your preamble and play with `50':

\renewcommand\chapter{\if at openright\cleardoublepage\else\clearpage\fi
                    \thispagestyle{empty}% WAS plain
  \vspace*{50\p@}% PLAY WITH THE NUMBER
  {\parindent \z@ \raggedright \normalfont
    \ifnum \c at secnumdepth >\m at ne
        \huge\bfseries \@chapapp\space \thechapter
        \vskip 20\p@
    \Huge \bfseries #1\par\nobreak
    \vskip 40\p@

HTH -- Uwe.

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