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Fehd, Ronald J. (CDC/CCHIS/NCPHI) writes:
 > for the font history mavens:
 > Jan Tschichold (1902-1974) is considered by many to be the most
 > influential typographer of the twentieth century. A leading voice of the
 > modernist movement, Tschichold oversaw the redesign of the Penguin and
 > Pelican paperbacks in the late 1940s and devised for them a standardized
 > set of typographic rules. The classical type designs of his late career
 > qualify him as perhaps the first typographic postmodernist. Active
 > Literature, an in-depth study of Jan Tschichold's modernist period, is
 > based on extensive archival research that uncovered a wealth of new
 > photographs of his design work. Author Christopher Burke presents a full
 > portrait of the designer's career and puts into context Tschichold's own
 > account of his life and work. 
 > http://www.amazon.com/Active-Literature-Jan-Tschichold-Typography/dp/0907259324
 > http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jan_Tschichold

Hi Ronald,
many thanks for the hint.  Obviously the bibliography provided by
en.wikipedia.org is incomplete.  There is an interesting book not
mentioned there (though de.wikipedia.org mentions it):

  Jan Tschichold, Erfreuliche Drucksachen durch gute Typographie,
  MaroVerlag, Augsburg 2001, ISBN 3-87512-413-8.

It's a reprint of a book Tschichold published in 1960.  I mention it
here because the reprint is still available in Germany.  You can buy
it in book stores or online.  This book is quite interesting because
though Tschichold favoured sans serif fonts a few decades earlier, he
radically combats them in this book.


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