[texhax] bad printout of large brackets

I.J.L. Garces garces at math.admu.edu.ph
Mon Dec 28 20:30:57 CET 2009

Hello, everybody!

I have a problem on my latex printout.

I am using WinEdt to typeset my LaTeX file. I have two examples below.

\[ f(x)=\left\{
\dfrac{2}{2-x} & & \mbox{if $0 \le x < 2$} \\
0 & & \mbox{if $x \ge 2$,}
\right. \]

\[ \left\{
2x & \equiv & 11 \pmod{13} \\
3x & \equiv & 7 \pmod{9} \\
7x & \equiv & 5 \pmod{8}
\right. \]

After I compile it using pdflatex, in the paper printout, the big  
bracket turns out not a solid curly bracket, but a broken one. There  
are some breaks near the middle of the curl in the printout. Only on  
the printed copy on the paper, but the pdf copy I see onscreen is  
perfect. I use pdflatex compilation because I have figures in pdf  

Can you please help me again?

Thank you very much... and happy new year to everyone!

Best regards,
Ian June

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