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This sounds like a description of working with LaTeX on a PC  20 to 25
years ago.  Currently I work in Windows XP (32-bit) or Ubuntu
(64-bit).  When I am preparing a document I use the tex to dvi to
postscript to pdf rout.  I include my graphics in eps format.  At the
drafting stage I stop at the dvi stage.  I use specials to enable me
to move back and fore between the tes source and the dvi file.  tex to
dvi for a moderate sized document (< 100 pages) is almost
instantaneous.  My main source editor at the moment is Emacs although
I do use Kyle in Ubuntu and Texmaker and TeXniCenter in Windows and
still get the same throughput.  The production of the dvi file is
slowed on occasion is some new fonts have to be generated but this is
rare.  The dvi to ps step can take a few seconds and the ps to pdf is
not quite instantaneous.

Judging on my experience you might consider using the kind of process
that I use.  If it does not work then there is something wrong with
your computer or your setup.

Best Wishes for Christmas.


2009/12/23 Patrick M. Rutkowski <rutski89 at gmail.com>:
> My project has gotten large enough that when I run "!tex" in my bash
> shell it takes quite a while before I'm looking at the resulting PDF.
> This gets rather annoying, since I'm new enough to TeX that I really
> do have to be constantly looking at the output of every line as I type
> it, line by line (for fear of accruing too many syntax mistakes).
> How the heck do people go about writing 20+ page projects in TeX?
> Another issue is that I'm using epsf.tex from CTAN to include
> postscript figures in my document, and that really slows things down
> even more.
> Any advice?
> -Patrick
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