[texhax] marginpar with \documentclass[11pt,twoside]{article}

Micha Hofri hofri at WPI.EDU
Sun Dec 13 05:29:59 CET 2009

Dear TeXers,

using margin par with the twoside argument in article class, I find they 
are only typeset on the right-hand side page, not on the left (odd 
numbered pages yes, even numbered - no).

Why?  The Latex Companion shows nothing useful; the FAQ says on page 
http://tinyurl.com/ycj9kd8 that you can use with the twoside argument the 
following format, \marginpar[left text]{right text}, but when I tried it 
the [left text] was inserted in the middle of the line!  Looking at my 
preamble suggests nothing sinister, other than it is too long.

Removing the twoside option resolves the problem.  For the current needs 
this will do, but I got to appreciate this layout device, and would like 
to use it more -- but almost all that I typeset needs the twoside option.

Any suggestions?

Thanks,                --Micha Hofri

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