[texhax] Possible error in mla-paper package

Alex ultimatedjz at comcast.net
Thu Dec 10 06:44:45 CET 2009

TUG Support,


I would first like to commend your team for providing a vast website of
resources for the Tex community.  


I recently downloaded the mla-paper package(Directory: CTAN home /
tex-archive/  macros/  latex/  contrib/  mla-paper)  in order to format my
latex document for MLA.  After package installation, the complier produced
several errors each involving \ifpdf, specifically: " ! undefined control
sequence \ifpdf ".  After opening mla.sty, I noticed mla.sty was missing
\usepackage{ifpdf} from the code, the reason for the output errors.  As a
side note, currently I am running TeXnicCenter and MiKTeX on windows.  If
this truly an error in the code, then this email is simply here to inform
the TUG team of it and have it corrected so other users do not have
complications.  However, this may not be an error in the code, but a
situational error for my Tex setup. Either way, my code is working and I
want everyone else's to work.


Thank you for your time,



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