[texhax] hello "support"...

Sanaranalek Darmor aksr.1111 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 7 08:18:13 CET 2009

i'm working on the project for my job and...i don't know why this part of
the code won't compile:

[*] userinput @ 0x80498d0: testing\\
[*] outputfile @ 0x80498e8: /tmp/notes\\
[*] distance between: 24\\
tex help is telling me to find in the texbook(part weird errors)..:
! Missing number, treated as zero.

<to be read again>


l.1045 [*]

userinput @ 0x80498d0: testing\\
my question is how can i write the code, that it appers like this:

[*] userinput @ 0x80498d0: testing
[*] outputfile @ 0x80498e8: /tmp/notes
[*] distance between: 24

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