[texhax] biblatex package and Bibliography problems

Ulrike Fischer news3 at nililand.de
Mon Dec 7 09:50:26 CET 2009

Am Sun, 6 Dec 2009 23:27:59 +0100 schrieb Henrik Frisk:

>> I'm close to the end of a long process of proofreading and making
>> corrections to may manuscript, and suddenly biblatex, which I use for my
>> references, prints references with crossrefs in the following way:
>> Bateson, Gregory. 'Cybernetic Explanation'. in: Steps to an Ecology of
>> Mind. 2nd ed. University
>> of Chicago Press, 1972. pp. 405-16.
>> The 'in:' should be capitalized here (and was before, when I sent it off to
>> the proofreader a month ago). It's the same with 'internal' bibtex fields
>> such as 'translator':
>> Attali, Jacques. Noise: The Political Economy of Music. trans. by B.
>> Massumi
>> After the full stop, clearly 'trans.' should be capitalized. I have no idea
>> how to resolve this or what I did to produce it. *Any* hints or suggestions
>> would be most welcome!
>> I tried to update csquotes and biblatex and now I can't get latex to
> compile the document at all... Meanwhile, I moved the files over to my old
> computer and when running latex on it there, The "In:"s are capitalized as
> they should. Right now I don't understand anything...  I may just do the job
> on my old machine for now, time is running out.
> Again, if someone recognizes this or has any ideas as to why this would
> happen, I'd be most interested to hear.

Well obviously something changed. That can happen. But as you didn't
give any useful informations (versions of biblatex on both
computers, complete small example which demonstrates the problem and
would show what style and language you are using, log-file) it is
rather difficult to tell you more.

Ulrike Fischer 

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