[texhax] need help... two concerns about marginal notes

I.J.L. Garces garces at math.admu.edu.ph
Sun Aug 30 20:21:46 CEST 2009


I need some help again about marginal notes. I am using two-sided book  
class. I have two concerns:

(1) I would like my marginal notes to be right justified for the  
left-hand pages, and left justified for the right-hand pages. No  
hyphenation as well. I think the default is all left justified. What I  
do is to use the following syntax:


I do this every time I need to write a marginal note. Is there a  
one-time way to do to avoid this long syntax all the time?

(2) I also noticed that when the marginal note occurred on the first  
line of the page, it is not on the proper side. I have one right-hand  
page wherein the first marginal note (which happens to be on the first  
line) is on the left margin, while the other marginal notes are on the  
right margin. How can this be corrected?

Thank you for your constant help.

Ian June

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