[texhax] Can't install tex on my PC

Betty Harmsen bettyjeanharmsen at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 29 02:52:37 CEST 2009

I have the 2008 DVD for Tex Live.  I am trying to install it on my PC but I cannot get it to work.

With the DVD in the PC, I found an install-tl icon and clicked on it.  A window opened up with an "Install texlive" button.  I clicked on it and the computer spent a couple of hours or more putting files
into the texlive/2008 folder.

But I can't find the exec file to run pctex or latex or anything like that.  In the  PC TeXLive 2008 folder, there is a PS_view icon, the Tex Live Manager, manuals in all languages, a toplevel readme index and TeXdoc GUI, which appears to be a TeX Documentation Browser.

I have Tex installed on my Mac, so I copied a Tex file from Mac to my flash drive and put the file on the PC  laptop, thinking if I tried to open that, it would automatically find the exec file for me, but Windows says it doesn't know what program created my Tex file.

Please advise!

Thank you,

Betty Harmsen

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