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Mon Aug 24 16:24:42 CEST 2009


 I have a general question in Latex2.0. I have to write a book, which will
have two main sections (with titles). I want the chapter numbers to be
continuous but in two different blocks. So the organisation is as follows :

Chapter 1 - Introduction
Section - I (Title of section I)
Chapter 2 - blah blah
Chapter 3 - blah blah
Chapter 4 - blah blah
Section - II (Title of section - II)
Chapter 5 - blah blah
Chapter 6 - blah blah
Chapter 7 - blah blah

 I want to insert a page after a section ends, giving the title of the
section (before chapter2 and chapter 5). Is there a package which will allow
me to define groups of chapters in this way and automatically include these
sections in the table of contents ? Or can you guide me in the right
direction if it is not available ?
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