[texhax] biblatex and tex4ht

Christoph Haug christoph.haug at gmail.com
Thu Aug 20 02:51:10 CEST 2009

2009/8/17 Radhakrishnan CV <cvr at river-valley.org>:

>> this encourages me to mention two issues I encountered with oolatex
>> which do not occur with htlatex:
>> 1.
>> \subsubsection* is not rendered properly. oolatex produces a
> [...]
>> 2.
>> I have defined the following new environment for myself to have
>> certain paragraphs printed in italics and in a smaller font:
> [...]
>> this is rendered fine with htlatex but not with ootlatex. In oolatex,
> [...]
> Unfortunately, I could not replicate your errors. Can you please take a look
> at:
>  http://tug.org/~cvr/christoph.zip
> which has test.tex, test.html and test.odt. Seems like oolatex behaves as
> expected.

thanks for testing this. so here is what I get when using your
test.tex together with the mybib.bib:

1. trying to run latex on it gives me an error on \ConfigureEnv
(undefined control sequence)

2. oolatex accepts the command but it only renders the citations in
the first section, not the one in the subsection.

3. I have no Idea where the second and third reference in your
odt-file are from. I don't have these.

4. on the "positive" side, you are right that the stub-environment is
rendered properly. I have no idea, how it can be working for me on one
document but not in the other (I doublechecked!). Maybe something else
in the preamble of my other document? If you want, I can send it to

5. also your starred subsection works. the problem is that I was
referring to a starred sub*sub*section, so if you substitute
\subesection* with \subsubsection* you should get the error, At least
I am still getting it.

What next?

BTW, I took a chance today in using oolatex on my thesis, which is
quie a bit more complicated than the other documents. The result was
sobering. I gut so many errors (mainly "undefined control sequence"
that I couldn't even count them. It ended where I had included a
pdf-graphic, which of course doesn't work with latex and hence with
oolatex. I haven't retried it without that figure, but if you are
interested to learn more about the errors I get, I can try and send
you at least a selection. But I suppose, you can take any bigger book
project and oolatex will not work...


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