[texhax] Gutter on wrong side [with scrbook]

Torsten Wagner torsten.wagner at fh-aachen.de
Wed Aug 19 03:53:32 CEST 2009

> However, the gutter (binding margin) also seems to be on the *outer*
> edge, which is just wrong. Could someone please enlighten me and
> tell me how to get the gutter to the inner edge?

Its some time ago since I was faced with the same "bug".
Afterwards I learned that the correct typographic rules say as far as I 

Open a book to have two pages in front of you .... the amount of the inner 
margins left side page and the inner margin right side page should be 
identical to the left resp. right page outer margin. This creates a beautiful 
centred column look, pleasant for the readers eyes.   


Often this looks odd if you print out the draft single sided e.g. for 
corrections. Nevertheless, if you are going to create a real big book and 
depending on the way you like to bind the manuscript, you might like to add an 
additional space to correct the amount of margin which get lost by binding and 
bending the pages. AFAIR this was a single command or parameter which has to 
be set explicitly in the TeX header (standard is no add. space for binding).
The result should be again the same as described above, therefore you have to 
choose the amount of add. space wisely.

Unfortunately, nowadays there are a lot of "wrong" publications on the market 
influenced by MS-Word style, even from the big publishing companies .... so 
Rheinard is right to refer to a typographic book (btw. thanks for the title).

Nowadays, there are so many just plain wrong publications that one should read 
about the correct way, since it is difficult to find it out by looking at some 
good examples from the shelf (as doc mentioned). Not only it will not be 
teached in any course I am aware off, but more strange schools and universities 
teach how to use MS-Word and MS-Powerpoint (which are known to rape 
typographic rules) and miss to teach just plain basic correct ways of 
typographic rules which can be applied independently of any software or OS or 
budget by using even pencil and paper. 

The results are very cruel if you ever have the chance or duty to receive and 
proceed a bunch submissions from academics you now what I mean. ;)



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