[texhax] Inter-sentence space with amsthm

Uwe Lück uwe.lueck at web.de
Wed Aug 5 11:58:34 CEST 2009

Sorry for answering late.

At 02:54 23.06.09, Joel C. Salomon wrote:
>I'm playing with amsthm, and want to define a theorem style like:
>         Example:**To avoid lithobraking, most rockets...
>  where the '**' is the wide space TeX puts between sentences.
>The eight[th] argument to \newtheoremstyle is the "head space"; and I know 
>I can give it an explicit (inter-word) space, '\newline', or a dimension 
>like 0.5em.  But what is the size of the inter-sentence space?

It is described on pp. 75 of the TeXbook. With \frenchspacing, you get 
inter-sentence space just by ' ' or ''\space', i.e., inter-sentence space 
doesn't differ from inter-word space. With \nonfrenchspacing, you get the 
inter-sentence space the same way as before, if the current \spacefactor is 
3000, so just precede the same space with 
'\spacefactor=3000\relax\space'  ('\ ' in place of '\space' doesn't work). 
More generally, one might /define/ inter-sentence space as the horizontal 
glue that is inserted after the dot of '\spacefactor=1000. ' (arguing that 
`. ' is the "definitive sentence delimiter"). In this sense the space is 
obtained by '\spacefactor=\sfcode`\. '. (Note the space after '\.'. Not 

HTH -- Uwe Lueck.

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