[texhax] pstricks-add dependencies

Brandon Kuczenski brandon at 301south.net
Tue Aug 4 02:18:23 CEST 2009

Hello all,

I am trying to get the new pstricks-add to work;;; I'm running Ubuntu, 
which uses the ancient, out-of-date 2007.dfsg.8 version of 
texlive-pstricks, and the version of pstricks-add included (2.82, 
2006/11/22) lacks a number of new features.

I have installed the newest pstricks-add package from ctan, but that has 
caused some breakages.  At this point, it finds an "Undefined control 
sequence" in \psDEBUG, but surely there will be others.  I'd prefer not to 
update my entire tex tree by hand- can someone point me to the relevant 
packages I need to update?

Thanks in advance..

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