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>Can I map 2 chars in keyboard refer to 1 char in font table ?. Ex I write 
>"HI: in .tex document then the result is char32 after compilation .. 

It seems to me that you are speaking of ligatures. They must be declared in 
the metafont source, I think. I do not know about virtual fonts which may 
be an alternative. 

Virtual font are indeed the answer. Combined with the extended ligaturing formulae in PL and TFM, they can do an astonishing job of creating composite characters, though I have never tried to emulate DEK's special trick of allowing the dissolution of ligatures for line breaking. This would be a good way of reintroducing the typesetting refinements from the U+Exxx pages of Unicode into text. 

Ligaturing through the TFM mechanisms is how the post-positive accentuation of Ibycus is managed. 

Pierre MacKa y 
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