[texhax] take out date from paper

Tom Schneider toms at ncifcrf.gov
Wed Sep 24 10:53:44 CEST 2008

> > I prefer the date to be the date I wrote the document
> So do I : I let LaTex use "today" while I'm revising, and replace it by a 
> fixed date when I decide ithe document is ready to release.

I've been getting into keeping a record of what I'm doing.  So in a
recently submitted paper named emmgeo I have:

   {{version = 1.61 of emmgeo.tex 2008 Aug 12 }}
% 2008 Aug 12, 1.61: margin_control - remove top_margin PRL SUBMITTED VERSION
% 2008 Apr 26, 1.01: more typing
% 2008 Apr 26, 1.00: origin from handwritten sheets.

and then


By doing it this way I can put \theversion anywhere I want and yet the
version numbers line up nicely.

I have a tool that saves and compresses the current version of the
paper according to the version number (eg emmgeo.tex.1.61.Z) in my
backup files.  So I have some idea when I modified the paper and it's


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