[texhax] hyperref

Martin Heller mr_heller at yahoo.dk
Thu Sep 18 09:20:23 CEST 2008

mahi skrev:
> I wanted to know if there's a method to compile pdflatex without
> disturbing the figures (figures are in pdf format), all the figure i am
> converting from eps to pdf for pdflatex purpose because it will not read
> .eps files and i don't want to use .jpg format. But the problem is when
> i compile tex file using pdflatex, inside the figures some characters
> are not displaying because in eps format Open Type Fonts fonts have been
> used, and pdflatex using type1 fonts and type1 have only 256 characters
> and that character will not come under 256.

Did the chararacters display before you included the pdf figure
in the document?

> Because of this problem i am creating a pdf with dvi+ps+pfd option and
> in hyperref packages i am giving option as a dvips.

Make a minimal example that demonstrates the problem(s) and put
the original eps and pdf figures somewere online so others can test.

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