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Thanks for the reply. The example what u have given is write only its working for me also, but this example (dvips) doesn't create a link in the pdf,only pdflatex creates the link.
I wanted to know if there's a method to compile pdflatex without disturbing the figures (figures are in pdf format), all the figure i am converting from eps to pdf for pdflatex purpose because it will not read .eps files and i don't want to use .jpg format. But the problem is when i compile tex file using pdflatex, inside the figures some characters are not displaying because in eps format Open Type Fonts fonts have been used, and pdflatex using type1 fonts and type1 have only 256 characters and that character will not come under 256.

Because of this problem i am creating a pdf with dvi+ps+pfd option and in hyperref packages i am giving option as a dvips.

On Wed, 17 Sep 2008 Martin Heller wrote :
>mahi skrev:
> > I am MikTeX user, i am creating a pdf using hyperref.sty with dvips
> > option, after converting to dvi + ps + pdf when i click that link in pdf
> > for(reference, figures etc.......) it is not going to the proper place
> > just its going to the particular page, but if i use same package with
> > pdftex option the links goes to the particular references or figure, how
> > can i fix this bug for dvips option.
>hyperref can detect if you compile with pdflatex directly to pdf
>or with latex to dvi. In the latter case hyperref assumes you use
>dvips + ps2pdf to get the pdf. You don't need to specify dvips by
> > I might not be very clear, but basically i want to convert a hyper
> > linked pdf using dvi + ps + pdf, and in pdf when i click to the
> > reference citation that should go to the particular number of reference
> > section not particular page e.g. In text [15] if i click this in pdf it
> > should go to the reference [15].
>The above works with both pdflatex and latex->dvips->ps2pdf on my
>MiKTeX system. You must be doing something differently.
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