[texhax] PDF Conversion

Axel E. Retif axel.retif at mac.com
Tue Sep 16 09:20:50 CEST 2008

On  15 Sep, 2008, at 10:42, Heaton, Harold I. wrote:

>   I've downloaded MiKTEX v. 2.7 from one of the CTAN mirror sites,  
> and successfully used it with the American Astronomical Society's  
> AASTEX v5.2 macro to create a typeset draft of a new journal  
> article.  I can successfully build and then print the file to my  
> local laser printer without incident.  However, I can not save a  
> copy of the built .dvi file.  The only menu option for saving that  
> file is "print" it to my computer as a .pdf file.  I would be very  
> happy with that option, but it doesn't work.  I originally got a  
> Metatext resolution error that my IT group has been trying to  
> resolve without success.  (There is no formal support at my  
> institution for TEX.)
>   Can you offer any suggestions as to how to successfully save  
> (i.e., "print") such files in .pdf format?

I don't know if I fully understand what you mean, and I don't know  
what editor you use, but in general you have two ways to get a PDF:

1) If you don't have postscript specials (like, say, PSTricks  
figures), simply click the button PDFLaTeX in your editor (TeXmaker,  
TeXnicCenter, etc.).

2) If you have postscript specials, typeset with LaTeX and then click  
in the button DviPS to get a *.ps file which you can distill with, for  
example, Ghostscript or Adobe Distiller.

Again, I don't know if I'm really understanding your question.



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