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mahi mahi2308 at rediffmail.com
Thu Sep 11 10:36:26 CEST 2008


I am MikTeX user, i wanted to know if there's a method to compile pdflatex without disturbing the figures (figures are in pdf format), all the figure i am converting from eps to pdf for pdflatex purpose because it will not read .eps files and i don't want to use .jpg format. But the problem is when i compile tex file using pdflatex, inside the figures some characters are not displaying because in eps format Open Type Fonts fonts have been used, and pdflatex using type1 fonts and type1 have only 256 characters and that character will not come under 256.

I might not be very clear, but I basically want to convert for example a TeX to a PDF output without disturbing the figures, is there any way to skip a figures while compiling using pdflatex like 
(latex + dvi + dvips + pdf(acrobat distiller)) ?

Thanks for your answers.

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