[texhax] generating PDF/A files

Martin Heller mr_heller at yahoo.dk
Wed Sep 10 17:37:07 CEST 2008

William Adams skrev:
> Since pdflatex can't insert .pdf tags (or is there a package for  
> this?), you need to certify against pdf/A-1b:

Some steps has been taken by Heiko Oberdiek in package hyperref.

2008-04-16  6.77p  Heiko Oberdiek
    * New option `pdfa' to improve compatibility with PDF/A,
      see README.

>From the README:

Option `pdfa'
  The new option `pdfa' tries to avoid violations of PDF/A in code
  generated by hyperref. However, the result is usually not in PDF/A,
  because many features aren't controlled by hyperref (XMP metadata,
  fonts, colors, driver dependend low level stuff, ...).

  Currently, option `pdfa' sets and disables the following items:
  * Enabled annotation flags: Print, NoZoom, NoRotate [PDF/A 6.5.3].
  * Disabled annotation flags: Hidden, Invisible, NoView [PDF/A
  * Disabled: Launch action (\href{run:...} [PDF/A 6.6.1].
  * Restricted: Named actions (\Acrobatmenu: NextPage, PrevPage,
    FirstPage, LastPage) [PDF/A 6.6.1].
  * Many things are disabled in PDF formulars:
    * JavaScript actions [PDF/A 6.6.1]
    * Trigger events (additional actions) [PDF/A 6.6.2]
    * Push button (because of JavaScript)
    * Interactive Forms: Flag NeedAppearances is the default `false'
      (Because of this, hyperref's implementation of Forms looks
      [PDF/A 6.9]

  The default value of the new option `pdfa' is `false'. It
  the loading of the package and cannot be changed after hyperref is
  loaded (\usepackage{hyperref}).

  * XMP support
  * ...
  But perhaps Adobe Acrobat is now happy and can now convert
  the PDF file to PDF/A.

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