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henrikmidtiby at gmail.com henrikmidtiby at gmail.com
Thu Nov 27 10:20:38 CET 2008


You might want to use the \phantomsection command before you insert any labels. The command marks a position in the document where the pdf link can point to.

It should look something like the code snippet below

Henrik Midtiby

> Hello, Thanks for reading my mail.
> It concerns intern PDF links.
> When I have various levels of titles without numbers (i.e. section*,
> subsection*, etc.) in addition to figures and tables with labels the
> bookmarks which are generated are badly placed and do not return to the
> place exact of the various levels of titles.
> Is anybody have an idea to how solve this problem ?
> Thanks a lot
> -------------------
> Dr. Mohamed Houssni

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