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Tom Schneider toms at ncifcrf.gov
Thu Nov 20 23:34:40 CET 2008


> I cant' seem to figure out how to cite a website using Bibtex. So far I have
> tried this (with \usepackage{url}:

author = "E. Bindewald
 and T. D. Schneider
 and B. A. Shapiro",
title = "{CorreLogo: An online server for 3D sequence logos of RNA and
DNA alignments}",
journal = "Nucleic Acids Res.",
volume = "34",
pages = "w405-w411",
pmid = "16845037",
pmcid = "PMC1538790",
note = "\htmladdnormallink
year = "2006"}



works for me.  A nice feature of this is that the links are active in
the PDF!  A \~{} can give trouble.


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