[texhax] problem using newenvironment

Anielkis Herrera Gonzalez aherrerag at uci.cu
Wed Nov 19 16:08:40 CET 2008

Greetings, I have a problem using \newenvironment for example with
tabbulary o tabbularx (packages used with \usepackage{})

I have this:


and when use it:


got this error:

! File ended while scanning use of \TY at get@body.
<inserted text> 
<*> git-tuto.tex
I suspect you have forgotten a `}', causing me
to read past where you wanted me to stop.
I'll try to recover; but if the error is serious,
you'd better type `E' or `X' now and fix your file.

! Emergency stop.
<*> git-tuto.tex
*** (job aborted, no legal \end found)

If I don't use it, there is no error... I'm using texlive 2008(from
Gentoo Linux)

What i'm doing wrong?


           Ing. Anielkis Herrera González
               Desarrollador de Nova
                 Linux User #377809

        Universidad de las Ciencias Informáticas
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