[texhax] Tex and MacOS X 10.2.8

William Adams will.adams at frycomm.com
Tue Nov 11 17:03:53 CET 2008

On Nov 10, 2008, at 9:23 AM, Al Middleditch wrote:

> I would like to install Latex and Texshop on a Power mac G3 under
> MacOS X 10.2.8.  After much web browsing, it seems that Tex Live via
> MacTex is what I need, but the web pages specifythe need for MacOS X
> 10.3 and later.  Much web searching has failed to find an answer.  I
> would appreciate a few pointers.  Thanks in advance

You'll want to use an older setup which has been deprecated.

Go to:


and review.

Note especially:
> i-Installer or i-Package Foo does not work on 10.2 and older! 
> Correct. Mac OS X 10.2 and older versions are not supported. Mac OS  
> X 10.1 and older are not supported at all and no i-Installer version  
> will run on them. For Mac OS X 10.2 you can download a volume of  
> 357MB which contains a snapshot of i-Installer.app and all my i- 
> Packages from Jan 24, 2006. All of these should install and work on  
> Mac OS X 10.2. However, there have been so few users actually  
> running 10.2 lately that this is not guaranteed.


and install that.

If at all possible, you really should upgrade (says the guy whose  
wife's PowerBook is still on 10.2.8).


William Adams
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