[texhax] No more delays for Tex in Vista

Nader Fard nader at elam.com
Fri Nov 7 11:16:36 CET 2008

Dear Friends,


One of my friends who does some programming for our websites found the
solution for the delay in vista. I tried it and it works very well. No
delays any more ;p) could you please post these lines on to your websites
and mailing lists for those who might bump in to this problem? Here are the
short lines:




hi there, found a solution! :)

man, that was a mind blowing thing

the solution is pretty simple:

1. You need to move one of the fonts from C:\Windows\Fonts to Desktop

2. Delete it from C:\Windows\Fonts

3. Drag it back from Desktop into Fonts

4. Run fc-cache, the "Failed to write cache" message should disappear and
xetex should run properly


Basically, the modified timestamp on the Windows Fonts needs to be brought
up-to-date for fc-cache to work

in Linux it is easier to modify it, because you have a "touch" command but
in Windows, you need to use the solution above

btw, don't move an essential font (e.g. Arial), move a more obscure one,
like "Vladimir Script"

hope this works for you,








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