[texhax] Missing diagnostic messages in .log (TeXLive 2008)

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Mon Nov 3 02:17:27 CET 2008

    looking at the .log file ... only to find out that all but font
    related diagnostics have disappeared!!  Where once beamer, pgf,
    hyperref, used to leave behind a long trail, now there's practically
    nothing useful.

    Has some new option been added to LaTeX to turn on the messages?
    some settings via the new tlmgr perhaps? Please help.....

I doubt anything has changed in LaTeX itself in this regard, and tlmgr
has nothing to do with what packages actually do.

So I suspect that beamer/pgf/hyperref themselves are logging
differently.  I cannot say for sure without diffing the sources, and I'm
not up for that right now.  I certainly agree logging is useful and that
it's too bad the current versions do less of it.

    While I'm at it, here's the trouble i'm having. 

It could be a bug in the 08 dvipdfmx.  You could try copying the TL'07
version into TL'08 tree (e.g., as "dvipdfmx07") and see if it works.
It's possible some of its support file changes will cause the 07 binary
to fail in the 08 tree, but I doubt it.  Could be worth a try if you
just want to get your slides out.

In any case, if you send the .tex+.dvi (minimal examples always
appreciated, of course) to the dvipdfmx bug address
(dvipdfmx at project.ktug.or.kr), the authors might be able to find a fix.


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