[texhax] Some problems with LaTeX usage

Marek Pietrow mrk at kft.umcs.lublin.pl
Thu Mar 27 15:28:37 CET 2008

Dear Sirs,
my name is Marek Pietrow and I am from Poland. Recently I use LaTeX to 
write my thesis. Please give me some advices concerning following 
problem (or redirect me somewhere else where it is possible to get such 

Till now I have used the bibliography in the form:

but after computing many positions of the literature the problem 
appeared- my reference list must be listed out in the order of citing 
sequence. I have no idea to reorganize this list except of using BibTeX. 
As I know BibTeX requires to place all the information in the specific 
pattern, which requires much work (I have about 300 positions of citing 
literature which changes). Is there other tool which just reorganizes 
written list in the right way?
Best regards. Marek Pietrow.

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