[texhax] Please don't feed the birds

Sam Rhoads sam at perseus.hcc.hawaii.edu
Wed Mar 26 22:11:22 CET 2008

At a local restaurant this morning I saw a sign that said "Please 
don't feed the birds."  That request was then repeated in about 
seven different languages.

It occurs to me that with help from the TeX community, I can do
much better than that.

Please send me (at sam at tug.org or sam at perseus.hcc.hawaii.edu) the TeX
(LaTeX) code that would print "Please don't feed the birds" in whatever
language(s) you can.  I'd like to create a sign containing that request
in as many languages as possible.  It seems to me that the result
should be attractive.  Please include whatever other code that I will
need to create the document.  Also, please make it clear, in English,
what language (and dialect?) is being used; I surely will not know in
many instances.

I will, of course, send you the result if you so request.



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