[texhax] need help for solving a problem in Tex

P.L.K.Priyadarsini Priyadarsini at nitt.edu
Fri Mar 21 07:47:07 CET 2008

   Dear Sir/madam,

        I have to send a paper for conference. They ( conference  
organisers ) have sent a class file along with a template. They used

  etc in their template. I am getting the following errors when I  
compile my tex file as well as the template sent by them.
   1.  paragraph ended before \@startsection was complete.
        1.55   \begin{abstract}

   2. missing number treated as zero
        <to be read again>

        1.55   \begin{abstract}
   3.  Illegal unit of measure ( pt inserted )

          <to be read again>

        1.55   \begin{abstract}

   4.  Extra } or forgotten \endgroup

  I am not getting these errors if I don't use the class file and  
simply i give document class article.

  Please help me to come out this problem

Principal Investigator,
DST Funded project,
Dept. of Computer Applications,
National Institute of Technology,
Tiruchirappalli, India -620015

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