[texhax] pdftex and images

D. R. Evans doc.evans at gmail.com
Thu Mar 20 21:18:38 CET 2008

I realise this is a ridiculous question. Sorry.

How on Earth do I include an image with pdftex?

I just spent an hour googling and reading, and I can't find anything better
than the pdftex manual, which has a rather obscure section on "Graphics
inclusion" which is more or less incomprehensible to me (and,
unfortunately, doesn't seem to contain an example).

I optimistically tried:
but that didn't do anything :-( [it neither gave me an error nor produced
any visible output]

I also tried a bunch of other things, but the best I ever got was a blank
page, and I've tried so many things that now I can't even remember how I
got that.

Please can someone just point me to a good example and put me out of my misery?


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