[texhax] Continued from previous post...

Barbara Beeton bnb at ams.org
Wed Mar 19 22:57:55 CET 2008

    To continue, I found these lines...

    \global\setlength\theorempreskipamount{12pt plus 5pt minus 3pt}
    \global\setlength\theorempostskipamount{8pt plus 3pt minus 1.5pt}

    ...which I've added to my own package to get the correct rubber lengths
    between my exercises and neighbouring paragraphs, section headings

    My problem is still that pre and post separations are added together
    when one exercise comes immediately after another. I've guessed that the
    amsthm package has some mechanism for suppressing this but after an
    hour's look at theorem.sty I cannot work it out.

if you're using the techniques of amsthm.sty,
looking in theorem.sty probably won't help
much.  <g>

and, admittedly, the code in amsthm.sty isn't
crystal clear because it uses internal latex
tricks.  but essentially, what happens at the
beginning of a theorem element is
which first checks existing skip and resets it
to whichever is greater, the space already there
or the \theorempreskipamount.

    I hope my problem is clear. Apologies for rambling.

no apology needed.
							-- bb

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