[texhax] Suitable font for chapter and section headings to go with LModern text

James Smith james.smith at aleph-one.com
Sat Mar 8 22:10:26 CET 2008

Hi all,

I'm getting near to the end of my book and I'm pleased with the results
using Latin Modern. 

One of the few things left to do is to choose a font for the section and
chapter headings. Has anyone got any suggestions? I think Latin Modern
when blown up to heading size looks, well, a bit much. I wanted
something a bit different, a bit more progressive, maybe. I guess I'm
searching for the right words because I don't quite know what I want.

Bear in mind that the font chosen for the section and chapter headings
will also be used for the book title at the start of the book and also
eventually the cover.

Await your comments with interest...

Kind regards,


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