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Lars Madsen daleif at imf.au.dk
Tue Mar 4 16:30:48 CET 2008

Silvia Roque :

> Hi! My name is Sílvia Roque and I am writing a thesis in Mathematics, 
> using Latex at the Department of Mathematics of the University of 
> Coimbra, Portugal. But I have small problem. My both supervisors (one 
> from physics, other from mathematics), want me to change the chapter 
> numbers: They want me to call chapter 0 to chapter ?Introduction?. The 
> problem is that I am using a ?\documentclass[a4paper,11pt, 
> oneside]{book}?, and it seems that on a document book, Latex allays 
> calls to the first chapter, chapter 1. Is it possible to change this? I 
> am asking this because I already know that it is possible to change the 
> numbering pages of the document (for example, to put roman numbering on 
> the first chapter and Arabic numbering on the others chapters.)

that was an odd request normally one uses an unnumbered introduction, 
which is normally (depending on the class used) is handled by


introductionary information, ToC etc.


the actual content of the thesis

Ask them if that is acceptable, it not


might help

> Sincerely yours, Sílvia Roque
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