[texhax] Information about LaTex

tom sgouros tomfool at as220.org
Tue Mar 4 15:42:33 CET 2008

I think you can get what you want with \chapter*{Introduction}, which
creates an un-numbered chapter.


Silvia Roque <silviacjr at hotmail.com> wrote:

> But I have small problem. My both supervisors (one from physics, other
> from mathematics), want me to change the chapter numbers: They want me to
> call chapter 0 to chapter *Introduction*.
> The problem is that I am using a *\documentclass[a4paper,11pt,
> oneside]{book}*, and it seems that on a document book, Latex allays calls
> to the first chapter, chapter 1.

 tomfool at as220 dot org

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