[texhax] make minipage table in figure appear in lot?

Lars Madsen daleif at imf.au.dk
Fri Jun 27 15:49:27 CEST 2008

Axel E. Retif :

> On  26 Jun, 2008, at 07:46, Bryan W. Lepore wrote:
>> i have a minipage table inside a figure environment.  the _figure_
>> appears
>> in the list of figures (since \caption[this is a figure]{} is used).
>> it'd be nice to have it appear in the list of tables also.
>> is there a way to do that without revamping the table-inside-a-
>> figure to a
>> figure-inside-a-table?
> After \end{figure}, The LaTeX Companion, 2nd. ed. (p. 47):
> \addcontentsline{lot}{figure}{\protect\numberline{\thefigure}The text
> caption}.
> Best,
> Axel

first of all why both? and why is a table inserted as a figure? just 

Second, since figure floats placing

\addcontentsline{lot}{figure}{\protect\numberline{\thefigure}The text

after \end{figure} may result in wrong page numbers, I would place it just 
before \end{figure}


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