[texhax] auto pagination in latex

Axel E. Retif axel.retif at mac.com
Fri Jun 20 09:15:26 CEST 2008

On  20 Jun, 2008, at 01:18, mahi wrote:

> On Fri, 20 Jun 2008 Axel E.Retif wrote :
>> On  19 Jun, 2008, at 23:12, mahi wrote:
>> Hi
>> Is anybody know how to do a auto pagination in latex.
>> Maheshwari
>>> I don't understand what you mean ---LaTeX *does* pagination
>>> automatically.
>>> Can you further explain what you mean?
> While doing a pagination the certain things we will follow e.g.
> 1.     The page should not end with colon, hyphen, orphanline
> 2.     The page should not start with widow line
> 3.     There should not be continuous 3 hyphens, 3 words in a  
> paragraph
> 4.     There should be at least 2 lines of text bellow the headings.
> etc............

I see ---much of it (if not all, but I doubt about the colons or the  
three consecutive words at beginning or ending of adjacent lines in a  
paragraph) can be achieved, though I'm against it ---I think we  
should format pages almost as old typists did, that's why I set widow  
and club penalties to their defaults, parskip to 0 plus 0 minus 0,  
maxdepth to 0, etc.

But here it is ---see TeX for the Impatient:


you can download everything or just the book.pdf. See in page 125 the  
information about \hyphenpenalty and especially  
\doublehyphendemerits; set the last value high to (try to) avoid  
consecutive hyphens. See page 138 for club and widow penalties and  
set their values much higher than the default.

Also, (La)TeX will need to know what to do to avoid a club or widow,  
so setting \parskip and \maxdepth (p. 141) to higher values than the  
default would help, as well as \raggedbottom (p. 137).

Lastly, if you're using pdfLaTeX, the microtype package comes very  
handy: its expansion feature will help avoiding hyphenation as much  
as possible.



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