[texhax] Problems with Latex

Ury Passy upassy at ie.technion.ac.il
Fri Jun 13 05:19:04 CEST 2008

Previously I was using the software Textures for Latexing and for  
several years all was O.K.. after introducing MAC OSX  I downloaded  
texshop and started to have problems. I  installed the package (1)  
MacTex-2007 and several of Gerben Wierda packages. I am using Tex and  
GhostScript for drawings. I get a white space without the drawing but  
no  error message.  However, on my Mac  laptop everything is  
O.K..Moreover when I write instead of \mbox \text on the Intel Mac I  
get an error and on my laptop everything is O.K.
In both computers I am using the following:
\usepackage [applemac] {inputenc}
\def\nexto{\kern -0.54em}

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