[texhax] Need your advice

Nader Fard nader at elam.com
Mon Jun 9 20:42:26 CEST 2008

Dear Sirs,

I work for an Iranian Christian charity in the UK who publishes literature
in Persian. I heard about Tex software through one of my friends who is a
semi professional typesetter and downloaded the program and started working
with it. I have some computer skills and kind of found my ways around it but
still I am a beginner and would like to become a professional typesetter.
Typesetting of the scriptures and the books has always been the bottleneck
for our publications and we are kind of fed up with it. We tried indesign
but it didn't work for us. I was wondering if there would be any training
courses which I could take. I am ready to pay for the training and would be
grateful if you could kindly advice me on this. Are there any training
courses available in the UK?

Best regards,

Nader Fard
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