[texhax] reference to complete bibtex-listing

Philip G. Ratcliffe philip.ratcliffe at fastwebnet.it
Fri Jun 6 16:15:25 CEST 2008

> i have some problem in latex and i hope that you can help me.
> I want to make reference with \ref{} to my complete 
> bibtex-bibliogrpahy-chapter. because the chapter is created 
> automatically from bibtex i cant use \label{} and then 
> reference to the label. please dont udnerstand me worng: i 
> dont want to reference to one element of the 
> bibliography-chater. i know that this works with \cite. i 
> want to reference to the whole chapter and i dont know how 
> can i do it. thanks for you help forward.

This is a little tricky.

All I can come up with in the 2 minutes I have spare is this:

In the bst you're using look for the line that includes the preamble.  In
abbrv.bst it is

FUNCTION {begin.bib}
{ preamble$ empty$
    { preamble$ write$ newline$ }
  "\begin{thebibliography}{"  longest.label  * "}" * write$ newline$

change the ordering to have

FUNCTION {begin.bib}
{ "\begin{thebibliography}{"  longest.label  * "}" * write$ newline$
  preamble$ empty$
    { preamble$ write$ newline$ }

Save the bst file calling it something different and then put something like


In your bib file.  It *should* work ;-)

Cheers,  Phil

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