[texhax] Designing books with LaTeX

Thierry Masson rhomunu-tex at yahoo.fr
Fri Jun 6 12:27:30 CEST 2008

I have written a big book of mathematics in Latex (obviously!). I designed the layout myself, and it was accepted by the publisher as it was.
I managed to do that using some packages which permits one to change some aspects of the default layout. 
Here is the list of these packages:
1- geometry.sty. Obviously the first one to use to change page and dimensions settings. So easy!
2- titlesec.sty. this one is very convenient to change the aspect of the sectionning commands (chaper to subparagraph!), and to create new ones. It also permits one to change the pagestyle with an very easy syntax.
3- titletoc.sty, The companion to the previous one: to change the appearance of the table of content (and other TOC that you create yourself).

OK, this is useful for "ordinary" books, which are structured in the usual way by sectionning commands... So that the amount of investment you need depends on the kind of book you have to design.

For instance, I am now designing a new layout for a technical report which need to be readable by administrators (we need to justify the money they give to us...). In this layout, I have managed to create "encarts", different colors of the layout for different chapters, etc... 

If you are interested, I can share more informations with you off-list.

Thierry Masson

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