[texhax] an Index of key-words

Susan Dittmar SDittmar at eureca.de
Mon Jul 28 17:26:04 CEST 2008

Quoting Alexandre Almeida (a.c.alexandre at live.com):
> I was trying to use the memoir package (to create a book) and then I was
> wondering how is the process to create an index of keywords

I do not know memoir, but my first bet would be it works as in other
document styles.

within the preamble:

Then within the text, mark the words you want to be put into the index with

At the place where you want the index:
(I do not know if \jobname works at this place. If not, it's the same name
as your main document's name without the .tex suffix.)

To process, run through latex/pdflatex once, then through makeindex (which
creates the index), and then through latex/pdflatex again.

> by the way, the space between the two columns is very small... how can I
> change this?

If I remember correctly (I don't have the documentation at hand), 
the lenght that controls this is \multicolsep, with a default of 12pt plus
4pt minus 3pt. You can set that value using the \setlength command.

Hope that helps,

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