[texhax] Problem with tilde or ascii

Carlos Gómez Bermúdez carnoedo at udc.es
Tue Jul 15 14:12:15 CEST 2008

 Please help me to solve the following problem:
I need to write (is a cite in G. Cantor's work), a greek word (eidos) with greek package I have no problems until I need to place two accents namely: tilde over smooth spiritus over the epsilon, I can't place: ~ because with ascii alt126 the keyboard answer is ?, (with \usepackage{ascii})then i write \tilde the most accuracy result is with e>i^{\tilde}dos, but then dos is placed in the following line.

Any other combinations of accents has no problem, only the tilde.


Carlos Gómez Bermúdez
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