[texhax] Peculiar behavior of latex \section

George M. Bergman gbergman at Math.Berkeley.EDU
Tue Jul 15 00:58:35 CEST 2008

> What I don't understand is what the curly braces around \section are
> good for.

The situation that the glitch showed up in was a file where I wanted
to keep something on the same page with a following start-of-section,
and so did


I couldn't understand why the section _after_ that one misbehaved, but
finally boiled it down to having { ... \section{title}...}; the
"\samepage" being irrelevant to the glitch.  I reported it to Mike Barr
because it happened with the style class of a journal he edits.  He
observed that it also happened with article.cls, and passed it on to

				Yours,		George Bergman

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